Discover the Next Generation of AI at GlobalSense


Our technology breakthrough redefines the creation and deployment of tailored AI models on IoT platforms. Our game-changing approach outshines the rest by significantly slashing costs and energy consumption by over tenfold, while expediting time-to-market. Our innovation is grounded in:

Specialized Data Collection Strategy: We've devised a method for capturing precise sound data, even from traditionally challenging sources.

Cutting-Edge Data Management: Our proprietary tools for data curation and sanitization guarantee unparalleled quality and reliability.

Revolutionary DSP Architectures: We employ unique proprietary Digital Signal Processing (DSP) architectures, engineered specifically for audio feature extraction.

Automated AI Design Platforms: Our platforms feature iterative optimization, crafting the most streamlined solutions.

These strides enable us to create diminutive, "customized" AI engines that are remarkably smaller and more cost-efficient than conventional platforms. Our technology expedites product access to the market, bestowing competitive advantages in a rapidly evolving industry.

Our Business Model

Our primary emphasis lies in selling our intelligent sensing systems and services to players within the automotive industry who engage in developing or utilizing aftermarket devices. This approach sets the foundation for a subscription based B2B service model. Furthermore, we have strategic plans to extend our footprint by introducing novel residential safety services, poised for direct consumer marketing (B2C). Additionally, we envisage generating revenue through royalties from the sale of system components and AI designs to device manufacturers. This multi-pronged approach strategically positions us within the expansive global aftermarket automotive ecosystem, amplifying our influence and avenues for growth.


We envision substantial opportunities in harnessing our technology across domains like home security, agriculture, and the automotive sector. Our mission is to establish a comprehensive ecosystem for security, safety, and predictive maintenance using acoustic-based solutions, thereby empowering various environments with "customized ears and local intelligence."

This system is meticulously designed to actively listen to diverse events including home intrusions, infant safety, vehicle break-ins, collisions, and crucial component sounds such as engines, brakes, transmissions, and suspension systems. In response, it promptly initiates suitable real-time actions like sending alerts. This augmentation contributes to the realm of home and vehicle safety, curbing potential issues before they escalate into major faults, ultimately heightening overall safety and operational efficiency.