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We have developed innovative sound detection technologies that are ten times more efficient than existing solutions. Our unique AI model, intrinsic to the system, adapts to the environment, enhancing the performance of these technologies.

In collaboration with our partners, we've been creating smart sensing mechanisms for IoT applications. These include acoustic event detection, automotive tracking and security, home security, computer vision, asset tracking, monitoring, and predictive maintenance. All are customized to your environment to provide the most reliable performance.


Discover a seasoned team of visionary entrepreneurs and skilled engineers united by an innovative concept poised to shape a brighter future. At Global Sense, our purpose is to usher in the next era of IoT innovation through the integration of ultra-affordable and energy-efficient Artificial Intelligence (AI) into endpoints and sensors.

Our strategy revolves around close collaboration with clients to craft personalized embedded AI solutions, meticulously tailored to their specific needs. Join us in embracing a new frontier of possibilities.

Empowering Industries

Leveraging the potency of sound waves, acoustic sensors emerge as indispensable assets across diverse sectors. Their prowess in capturing and decoding acoustic signals unlocks a realm of meticulous measurements and invaluable revelations, revolutionizing detection, analysis, and monitoring across industries.


Our customizable AI engine, tailored to endpoints, effectively minimizes bandwidth demands for audio and vision applications. It bolsters communication link reliability, enabling the deployment of versatile applications with confidence.


In scenarios that demand unparalleled reliability and minimal latency, our cutting-edge on-sensor embedded AI technology truly shines. By efficiently analyzing data and making localized decisions on the spot, it our platform even the most critical use cases with pinpoint accuracy and precision. Choose our solution for a smarter, faster response tailored to your unique needs.


Our embedded AI technology isn't just a catalyst for business profitability, it also elevates service quality, enriching customer interactions and enhancing overall user experiences.


Our customizable AI engine, designed for endpoints, efficiently reduces bandwidth requirements for diverse audio and vision applications. It further enhances communication link reliability and coverage, enabling the deployment of applications with unparalleled versatility.

Revolutionizing Automotive Event Detection with Wireless Audio Sensors

The Power of Endpoint AI Technology


As automotive technology rapidly advances to offer enhanced security and safety advantages compared to its predecessors, a significant number of vehicles currently in use lack the capabilities that define modern transportation. These include the ability to perceive their surroundings, alert the driver or owner, conduct proactive maintenance, and safeguard occupants against potential hazards.


Introducing affordable on-board AI technology to everyday vehicles (facilitated by user-friendly hardware and software installations) empowers real-time event detection capabilities. This local AI implementation significantly curtails data redundancy and wireless transmission time by transmitting refined "information" rather than raw data. Furthermore, it effectively mitigates interference-related challenges, such as retransmissions, which often strain the battery life of IoT sensors. A compelling answer lies in the introduction of Acoustic Event Detection (AED) coupled with a comprehensive service package.


We collaborate closely with you to seamlessly integrate our platform into
your ecosystem and the surrounding environment.


The AutoSound mobile app comes with a specially designed wireless microphone encased in temperature-resistant housing. This microphone is engineered to capture high-quality sounds directly from their origin and transmit them to your mobile phone or tablet. This innovative approach allows technicians to discern the intricate acoustic signature of individual components, even when overshadowed by ambient background noises. This, in turn, enables a more precise and accurate analysis of faults for improved diagnostics.

Automated Detection of Safety-Related Incidents

Utilizing our Embedded AI engines, we achieve instantaneous detection of safety and security concerns, such as car collisions or break-ins. Our system gives priority to specific events, refining the precision of scenario detection.This ensures immediate response to critical situations, enhancing the safety and security of both your vehicle and its occupants.

Enhancing Parked Car Security Scenario

Designed specifically to safeguard parked vehicles, our innovative AI platform offers rapid identification of intruders attempting to access your car. With relentless, uninterrupted surveillance, it closely monitors any unauthorized actions, even if they manage to breach the vehicle's defenses. What sets it apart is its unique ability to preemptively detect the initiation of a Catalytic Converter theft. This offers an unmatched, proactive security measure, ensuring that your automobile remains safe and secure, even when you're not around.